Tasting Pack - 250g x 4

Tasting Pack - 250g x 4

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The Tasting Pack is the chance for you to figure out exactly which coffee is right for your taste. 

This pack contains 4 different types of coffee, all omni-roasted so they can be used for both filter, espresso and french-press. 250g of each of these coffees:

Brazil - Morro Cavado - elegant velvet mouthfeel of chocolate, nuts & sweet citrus.

Espresso Roast - classic taste of nuts & caramel, and aftertaste of dark chocolate

Ethiopian Roast - sweet intense fruity and chocolate notes with a very smooth finish.

Ethiopia - Yirgachefe - fruity notes of lemon & blueberries, after-taste of nuts & chocolate.

Shipping - 39kr
Copenhagen (zip code 1000-2500) - order before 16:00 - 1 day
Rest of Denmark - 2-4 days

Ristede kaffebønner - 4 x 250g